Usimat sermees offers large range of towable equipment for aircraft servicing with dedicated and polyvalent solution for each sector

  • general and regional aviation
  • commercial aviation
  • military
  • adaptation that provide adaptability while keeping the specificities of each sectors

Potable water (EP) and toilet servicing (VT)carts for general and regional aviation:

Models available: EP250 – EP400 – EP600 – VT150 – VT250 – VT400

Designed to bring the best answer to executive and regional aircraft specificities, these dollies present smallest dimensions to ease handling operations and aircraft connections. Emptying may be done by gravity on all VT series.

Suitable for narrow body aircraft with retractable platform (option)

Stainless steel tanks from 150 up to 600 litres

Water distribution by electrical pump (24V with battery and charger) or diesel pump – protected by a casing

Potable water (EP) and toilet servicing (VT)carts for narrow body and wide body aircraft:

Models available: EP1000 – EP2000 – VT1000 – VT2000

Welded steel chassis equipped with foldable ladder for easy and safe access to aircraft connecting point.

Stainless steel tanks of 1000 or 2000 litres

Water distribution by electrical pump (24V with battery and charger) or diesel pump – protected by a casing

For VT series: Waste water drain by gravity or with diesel suction pump – Additional” 3rd level” tank may be provided for gravity draining of regional aircraft.

Water drain cart:

Dedicated to draining the plane’s potable water circuit.

Models available: TE400S for general and regional aviation – TE500 and TE1000 for narrow body and wide body aircraft.

Steel hot galvanized tanks from 400 to 1000L.

Telescopic funnel adjustable in height for water collection.

The welded steel chassis is provided with a working platform for safe and user-friendliness operations.


Fuel bowser

Designed for GSE refuelling on the runway.

Models available: C900A – C900DP

Tanks, with gasoil capacity of 910 and 970 litres answer to ADR regulation.

May be provided with double wall steel tanks for environmental saving. Electric pump (12V) for gasoil distribution. May also be provided with diesel pump and generator.

De-icing dolly

Dedicated to GSE de-icing, passengers paths, passengers stairs, Model available DV500.

The spraying system consists of diesel pump with adjustable flow rate, steel nozzle and rubber pipe on automatic winder.

Safety around aircraft

Safety post for passengers safety, safety post for wings and engine protection, dolly for blocks and cones transportation.