We offer a large range of handling dollies suitable for bagages, pallets 10” and 20”, containers all LD types, dangerous goods as well as all other special loads.

All products are fully manufacture at our plant in France. They combine robustness and ergonomics

Containers dollies U2000

Equipped with 360° turntable deck, suitable for LD1, LD2, LD3.


Pallet trailers

Various models available depending on load to be carried, towing and transfert side.

  • U7000 serie appropriate for 10’ pallet and containers LD1 to LD8. Towing may be done by large side (125”) or small side (96”)
  • U14000 design for 20’ pallet

Baggage carts U3000 serie

The U3000 range is diversified in distinct model: with wood or steel bed, flat or V-shape, drawbar and side panels of various height, canvas cover or rigid closing system.


Dedicated transport dollies

For transportation of dangerous goods, living animals, …

Storage racks for pallet and containers

May be screwed together to build conveyors. Number of position may be defined depending on area. Rows of racks may be connected together with transfer racks.

loader tractable

Towable Loader

Is designed for loading/unloading of regional aircraft (ATR for instance). Manual hydraulic pump is provided for height adjustment and steady position. Max height: 1.3m – weight: 600 kgs